Weightless Trips

Many people find the idea of traveling to space exciting. It must be interesting to walk on the Moon that we watch from the Earth, look for traces of Martians that so many science fiction writers mention, and hang in an empty space where no gravity ties you to the ground. However, space travel is much more than that. Explorers must follow certain safety measures and mistakes can be deadly. For instance, they need heavy spacesuits with in-built devices and good insulation that regulate temperature (the reason they are white is than white colour reflects sunlight), protect them from radiation, pressure, and injuries, and provide oxygen for them under the helmet. They must watch out not to damage the suit although everyone has an additional one.


Many space exploration missions are done just by robots. When humans go there, they usually collect samples or repair or install technology. They have cameras on their spacesuits so they can bring videos.

Sounds need a medium to travel – air or, even better, liquid or solid substance. In most places of the space, there is no air so if you speak, whistle or clap, no one will hear you. Astronauts need radios to communicate outside.

As most people know – even cartoons show that -, astronauts can »fly« in space as there is no gravity and they feel light on objects smaller than Earth as their gravity is weaker. They have to train in water before space travel as the feeling there is similar due to buoyancy that makes us lighter. Nevertheless, the spacesuit is different than anything people usually wear when they swim – it is as if you were a baloon! Only after weights are fastened to the suit, astronauts get an idea how it feels to float without weight.

This entry was posted on December 30, 2015.